Yesterday, I joined the ranks of the more technologically advanced. I got a G1 phone and now I’m trying to figure out how to set-up the email function for business mail. Not sure if the SMTP settings are not taking because of something I’m doing, or something dealing with the issues getting through my router. Service to it is supposed to start this afternoon, so we’ll see if that helps things a bit. I’m hoping, when I switch domain registrations that the issues will clear up. I’m really discovering how much I hate Last year was a joke in itself, this year has just built upon that.

Otherwise, things in my life are going really well. Spent Saturday with my friends and celebrating birthdays, yesterday was wonderful too, slept in this morning (on accident) but only have one shift of work to deal with, rest of the day is relaxing and enjoying life. Tomorrow is a busy day, Wednesday is kinda busy and the rest of the week is as normal.

I smile a lot, I’m relaxed, and low and behold, for a rare extended moment, I can honestly describe myself as truly happy. Things that should bother me don’t hang around long, just rolls off my back, I’m rarely in a hurry (unless I’m late to something like – work). I like where I am at, and I’m actually learning to trust more, not just myself, but other people.

I see lots of positive ahead, not all sunshine and cotton candy, but nothing that is totally derailing of anything. 🙂


  1. i had problems getting my iPhone set up and i think it was mainly because there was a designated server from AT&T that was turned on in the SMPT settings. i had to turn this off, as well as the smpt info for peoplepc. not sure why, but i couldnt get mail notifications until i did.

    hope that helps


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