This weekend rocked, made it out to the gothy Potluck at Kortney and Stevhan’s. Made it out to dinner with the ET and co. Yesterday was introducing the awesomeness that is Kortney to the awesomeness that is teh Su. We had fun, got underwear, got Wafflehouse and found lots of cool ideas for teh Su’s hatch day. Downside, idiot at the Tmobile dealer who is making me go talk to an actual Tmobile dealer. How he still has his job, I have no clue.

Saturday, I got to dinner early, so took a walk through Junkman’s. Snagged a new corset (wow, they have well-made ones!!!!), with pink butterflies on the front panels. When I sized it, it would have fit right, but when it came down to cinching, I can close it. Dammit! I wasn’t sure if I needed a 26″ or a 24″. Well, now I know. But I have a cool corset that still cinches me down, and I can share it with teh Su. Dinner was cool, got to see the ProgPower crew and spend some time with the ET (who unfortunately had a headache).

After that, was off to the gothluck around the corner from my apartment. Was nice to see that crew, even though some were leaving as I arrived. 😦 The idea of Kortney being within biking range is awesome. I sense a tan in my future.

My amusement for the weekend, is seeing the closed sign still on my pool (they haven’t cleaned it yet) and seeing about 20 people in it. We have 2 other pools that are clean, why they can’t read, I will never understand. Oh well, tis funny.

Now, it’s work time. Wheeeeee!!!!!!! Have some errands this afternoon, will probably come home first and hop on the bike to run them.

Oh yeah, diet change has helped out Elan, so far. Last night I filled the feeder, so we’ll see if having access to food all the time changes that.

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