Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

If you ever wanted to learn how to do lucid dreams or out-of-body travel or shamanic explorations that help you retrieve lost portions of your soul, this is an excellent time to begin. You’re in an astrological phase when the veil between this world and the other side is thinner than usual, and that means you could make connections that haven’t been possible before. If the things I mentioned in the beginning are too woo-woo or scary for you, there are other ways to take advantage of current conditions. First, you could conduct productive imaginary conversations with the spirits of dead friends and relatives. Second, you could do intense meditations in which you imprint the future with scenarios you’d love to see come to pass. And third, you’ll probably be able to incubate a highly informative dream by asking your unconscious mind a well-formulated question that you’d love to get guidance about.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, I can vouch for the dreams, I’m back to my recurring dream of drowning. Every time I chat with my dad, I keep wanting to ask him if it really happened, but I haven’t been able to. I think it’s more a question for verbal communication instead of written. I’m also having more vivid dreams of letting my Uncle go. Woke up today, in tears from the dream I had between feeding the cats and actually getting out of bed. Still hurts, not fun. But this too, shall pass.

Now for the rest of my day.

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