So, I’m happily seated at the ‘Bou down in Buckhead. I ended up having a split day today, with about 2-3 hours between my last morning client and my only afternoon client. I really like this kind of pace, at it allows me to actually be out and enjoy the day. It also means I’m not overly pissed at myself for putting in an 8 day work week, because the only days that are/have been slammed were Wednesday, Friday and tomorrow. Otherwise, this next week is fairly open and laid back. Even resulting in me having all Monday afternoon off, and pretty much all of Tuesday and Wednesday (one client on T & W, each). That should give me enough time to stop by the Terra Cotta soldier exhibit, get the oil changed in my car, as well as the tire fixed and transmission fluid changed.

I’m still dealing with a bit of jet-lag, eyes still get crunchy and I’m ready to crash by around 6ish now. Mornings are still a bitch, which means I might just have to redo my schedule and just move my mornings more towards the late morning/early afternoon.

All that said, I’m really hoping the new set-up will encourage me to get back to my writing and some of the other things I enjoy. But I do admit, I am finding I much prefer the working a couple of hours a day, every day, with a couple of days being really busy – over the 5-6 slammed days. The business itself is coming along, next month I’ll be able to start opening up to take more clients and do all the marketing stuffs as I’m mostly organized and into a slight routine on that end.

I’ve come to my conclusion on the gym drama and have put together my contingency plan, so no stress over that, anymore.

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