Month: April 2009

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

According to the legends of the Scottish Highlanders, this is the anniversary of the fallen angels’ expulsion from paradise. That’s why, they said, it was so crucial for humans to be well-behaved at this time. To blindly indulge in sin and error would set up a resonance with the malevolent exiles, making oneself vulnerable to being preyed on by them. While you and I can chuckle at this quaint superstition, it does have a grain or truth for you to meditate on. At this juncture in your yearly cycle, you tend to be more receptive to bad influences than usual. That’s why you should do everything you can imagine to attract good influences and cultivate experiences that give you the feeling that this world is a paradise.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, now that’s an interesting tale, if true. Never heard of that. However, given that tomorrow being Beltaine, it kinda makes sense, now doesn’t it? We move into the light half of the year and start reaping and working on the seeds and crops that were sowed during the dark half of the year.

It’s growth time!!!!!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The famous physicist Robert Oppenheimer sometimes displayed a disarming humility. “There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics,” he said once, “because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.” I invite you to consider the possibility that you, too, could learn a lot from people you regard as beneath you or utterly unlike you. It’s one of those rare phases in your astrological cycle when useful revelations are likely to arrive from outside your normal frame of reference. (P.S. Animals might be great teachers as well.)

FreeWill Astrology

That being the case, my cats currently say sleep. Which, given this morning’s situation in driving and not having a place to stop and sleep, is probably the best idea yet.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In Salmon Rushdie’s book The Enchantress of Florence, an exasperated ally of the manipulative 16th-century politician Machiavelli tells him, “It’s your curse to see the world too f—— clearly, and without a shred of kindness.” Some of you Scorpios suffer from a milder version of the same curse, and judging from the astrological omens, I’d say that right now you’re especially susceptible to the problems it can create. I do think there’s a way out for you, however; there’s a shift you can make to turn the curse into a blessing. Here’s what you have to do: See the world as f—— clearly as you dare, but with a dose of compassion added. Then your shrewd perceptiveness will heal you and energize you. You may even spawn minor miracles by penetrating to the slippery truths hiding beneath the superficial appearances.

FreeWill Astrology

And people wonder why I’m such a cynic and a misanthrope. 😉

My Uncle was able to phone diagnose my bloody noses last night (combo of the sinuses being dried out during the winter and the pressure put on my face when training causes the cracking on my septum – so no actual gi burns). My Mum wants me to get my nostrils cauterized because she thinks I’m allergic to my gi – which I half agree with, but I think I’m allergic to everyone else’s gi (even though the allergy might explain the acne outbreaks on my neck).

Otherwise, tonight starts the roadtrip part of FreakTrip ’09. Headed up to Chicago for unruherevan‘s wedding. I contemplated taking my bike with me, for when I come home. There are some awesome trails just outside of Chattanooga and I was contemplating hitting them, but it more and more looks like I won’t have time. So, bike is staying home till the white water trip in June/July.

At any rate, Cat Box is packed, house is cleaned and I’m mostly ready to go. Just gotta take care of a few clients, have dinner with my Scotsman and hit the road. Too bad I’m missing the Tea Party tonight, I was looking forward to being considered a domestic terrorist for a night. I feel gipped.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

If you ever wanted to learn how to do lucid dreams or out-of-body travel or shamanic explorations that help you retrieve lost portions of your soul, this is an excellent time to begin. You’re in an astrological phase when the veil between this world and the other side is thinner than usual, and that means you could make connections that haven’t been possible before. If the things I mentioned in the beginning are too woo-woo or scary for you, there are other ways to take advantage of current conditions. First, you could conduct productive imaginary conversations with the spirits of dead friends and relatives. Second, you could do intense meditations in which you imprint the future with scenarios you’d love to see come to pass. And third, you’ll probably be able to incubate a highly informative dream by asking your unconscious mind a well-formulated question that you’d love to get guidance about.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, I can vouch for the dreams, I’m back to my recurring dream of drowning. Every time I chat with my dad, I keep wanting to ask him if it really happened, but I haven’t been able to. I think it’s more a question for verbal communication instead of written. I’m also having more vivid dreams of letting my Uncle go. Woke up today, in tears from the dream I had between feeding the cats and actually getting out of bed. Still hurts, not fun. But this too, shall pass.

Now for the rest of my day.

So, I’m happily seated at the ‘Bou down in Buckhead. I ended up having a split day today, with about 2-3 hours between my last morning client and my only afternoon client. I really like this kind of pace, at it allows me to actually be out and enjoy the day. It also means I’m not overly pissed at myself for putting in an 8 day work week, because the only days that are/have been slammed were Wednesday, Friday and tomorrow. Otherwise, this next week is fairly open and laid back. Even resulting in me having all Monday afternoon off, and pretty much all of Tuesday and Wednesday (one client on T & W, each). That should give me enough time to stop by the Terra Cotta soldier exhibit, get the oil changed in my car, as well as the tire fixed and transmission fluid changed.

I’m still dealing with a bit of jet-lag, eyes still get crunchy and I’m ready to crash by around 6ish now. Mornings are still a bitch, which means I might just have to redo my schedule and just move my mornings more towards the late morning/early afternoon.

All that said, I’m really hoping the new set-up will encourage me to get back to my writing and some of the other things I enjoy. But I do admit, I am finding I much prefer the working a couple of hours a day, every day, with a couple of days being really busy – over the 5-6 slammed days. The business itself is coming along, next month I’ll be able to start opening up to take more clients and do all the marketing stuffs as I’m mostly organized and into a slight routine on that end.

I’ve come to my conclusion on the gym drama and have put together my contingency plan, so no stress over that, anymore.

Ok, more things to do….

Create a real schedule, that sets aside time to update office stuff so I’m not behind and instead ahead.

Create a personal schedule, so that I can work on my French and actually be somewhat productive.

In other realms, gym drama has reared its ugly-assed head. Fucking pisses me off, so goddamned tired of this crap.

Positive note: two days worth of my cardio homework. Weight is slowly starting to go down.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The three tasks I think you should work on in the coming week are among the hardest any human being can attempt. Luckily, you now have an unusually strong aptitude for them, and are likely to receive unexpected assistance if you’re brave enough to plunge ahead. Here they are. 1. Interrupt and overthrow negative trains of thought right in the middle of their flow through your brain. 2. Negotiate partial solutions to complex problems. In other words, do the half-right thing when it’s impossible to do the totally right thing. 3. Understand that in order to graduate from a certain batch of weird karma that has persisted, you must completely accept the situation as it is, acknowledge your role in precipitating and prolonging it, and feel gratitude for all that it has taught you.

FreeWill Astrology

That first one is really important, lately. I HAVE to reduce the stress in my life, there is no questioning this, it has to be done. The second is something that can be done, as long as I’m moving in the direction that I need to go, as I’m perfectly content with getting a half step done, in the event that a full step is not feasible at a given point. The third, already working on, spent part of yesterday in meditation. It was enjoyable.

Now, to get my schedule going.