It’s kinda funny that this whole thing comes up today, after spending the evening speaking with my Scotsman on the topic. Particularly in regards to the upcoming election and why some people are so put off by his manner of argument. Our society doesn’t want the actual facts, they want the perception of those facts. In the case of it being brought up this morning, it’s not the perception that something wrong was done, it’s the fact that something wrong was actually done. And everyone called it. So what is the solution? An offered perception of an apology, in the future. Which, of course, nullifies any meaning of sincerity in the future (of course, one could get away with it in our ADD society, as it will be forgotten – like the bailout bill will be, come election for the rest of the dumbasses that voted for it).

I bring this up here, because it’s a personal issue of mine, and I don’t want to muck up a discussion board with the subject. Fact is, it won’t be a sincere apology, and it will be, yet another, brick in the wall of feigned apologies going up around the person, because this person does not want to accept full resposibility for the consequences of his actions. This time, last year, I wrote out my list of people I had issues with, and people who were “on probation” with me. Well, year is almost up, and there’s a few days left. Some relationships are being torched, and this will be one of them. If I’m going to run in a circle, it’s going to be because I’m dancing, running on a track, or driving a speed course. It will not be, because someone wants to play a game with me. And that is all this is. From here on out, all interaction will be ignored, that includes all future postings, chatroom postings and public interactions (which, hopefully, won’t exist because of the last issue that pissed me off – and yes, it did piss me off, so congrats).

In the end, B, I no longer call you my friend, and I will not act as such, ever.


  1. Don’t you wish you could just imagine peoples heads exploding and it would happen in real life :/ Except, you’d have to press some “are you sure you want to exercise this act” button, so if you randomly got mad at someone their head wouldn’t explode by accident!? assuming you only had this power >.>
    It’d be snazzy


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