Day: October 9, 2008

Scorpio (October 21-November 23)

The bad news is that you are, metaphorically speaking, in jail. The good news is that a recent visitor sneaked you the key to the locked door of your cell. The weird news: You have not yet realized that you have the means to escape, since your visitor did not actually tell you that the key is hidden inside a certain thing he or she left behind. The great news is that I’m here to inform you about the situation. Once you locate the key, Scorpio, slip your hand between the iron bars so you can fit the key into the keyhole from the front. It won’t work from behind.

FreeWill Astrology

So that explains this ungodly sickness. Though, if it’s cosmic, I’m screwed, as I have too much crap to search through.

In other news, I’m feeling as if I have been left alone, of late. The same work issues are surfacing, but that is for a locked post and not for public consumption. I’m not sure if I’m feeling neglected, or somehow separated by a wall, which I just can’t get my head around. Or maybe this feeling is just the cattleprod to say, “You are not where you’re supposed to be, so get a move on!” Then again, it could just be my general frustration with quite a few things. My living situation has ceased to be my ideal. My neighbors are mostly jackasses, with their stupid ghetto mobiles that they drag race around here at 11PM. It seems my complex did not replace my carpet, which I have pulled up, right now. I am treating cat stains, only to find older stains and mold. Yay for half-assed carpet cleaning by my complex. The positive, is the smell is going away, it’s just taking forever for my carpets to dry, thanks to the moist weather.

*insert break*

Ok, got the shop vac out to dry the carpets. It helped a little bit, but holy fuck, I think my apartment smells worse, now. I don’t know what the fuck was spilled on my carpets prior to my cats adding to it, but it fucking stinks. I honestly think the prior folks had a dog, because this is not cat piss smelling up the place.