Belated horrorscope

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

Everyone’s life is a hero’s journey, yours included. You have been on an epic quest ever since you first realized that your destiny is unlike anyone else’s, and that you have specific tasks to master as you pursue the long-term dreams that are uniquely meaningful to you. But like all the rest of us, you sometimes lose sight of this big-picture view for months at a time. You may even be fairly happy as you focus on your daily details without any thought of where your you’ll be years from now. If that’s the rhythm you’ve been in lately, Scorpio — and I suspect it is — it’s about to change. Your immersion in the next major phase of your hero’s journey will begin soon.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, that might explain a few things, but I’d really like to talk to my Elder about things so I can at least get an idea. Hopefully, Autumnfest will provide a bit of time for that. If not, I’ll at least have someone else there to bounce ideas off of.

That said, been doing good on meditating, still need to sit down sometime this week and do some internal work. Also, I really loved hanging out at Johnnie McCracken’s last night. So, methinks I might be hanging there some more. If any of you are interested in a weekly or bi-monthly hang-out, please let me know and I will post when I will be there.

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