Day: August 15, 2008

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The most striking feature on the planet Jupiter is the Great Red Spot, a storm that resembles a giant unblinking eye. It has lasted over 300 years and is wider than the planet Earth. I invite you to regard it as your symbol of power in the coming weeks. Think of it whenever you’d like to use your eyes to see in bigger and better ways, or whenever you want to draw on the inspirational power of a beautiful storm, or whenever you’d like to transform some disturbance in your life into a long-lived source of dazzling energy. 

FreeWill Astrology

Um, I’ll have to think on that one….

My political rant for today:

Dear J. McCain,

I am one of the moderates of this country that you are trying to court.  I can’t believe you put out a television spot claiming Obama, effectively, is the anti-Christ.  YOU AREN’T ANY BETTER THAN HIM!!!!!  Quit fooling yourself.  I’m already not going to vote for him, but you’re not scoring points with me, either.  I have enough people trying to pull the “a vote for _____ is a vote for Obama” and the “if you don’t vote for _______ you might as well go vote for _______” bullshit.  No matter the outcome of the election, I’m going to be sitting in Kobenhavn hanging my head in shame and trying to find the absolute amusement in the situation.  Because you are both jokes of our society,  you’re playing the games that politicians play and claim you’re not.  Yeah, you have a good bit of this population fooled, congrats.  It’s great to be the fool king of fools, doesn’t it?  *sigh*

Can we just have WW3 and get it over with already?  Russia’s up for it, and kicking them out of the global boys club ain’t gonna make them change their mind.  Just puts them out of needing to play by the rules.  And as sad as this is, right now they have the full house, even if the rest of the world is gonna hate them.