So, I was watching my AC360 podcasts this morning and I have one question about the recent throw down in the political arena….

McCain has put out some of his ideas on what he wants to do, Obama has put out his ideas on the economy and the war. We know, for the most part, what McCain is going to do and how he’s going to do it. But, Obama keeps talking about change (even though his ideas seem taken from the current playbook), but what changes is he actually going to make? Outside of telling what he’s not going to do, and that McCain has the wrong idea? Maybe I’m just weird, and this is why I’m not really interested in voting for either of them (McCain, because I only agree with him on a few things, but think he’ll fuck us up just as bad)…but I like to know what I’m agreeing to, not what I’m theoretically agreeing to. Which, is the main problem with the political arena, it’s a bunch of theoreticals, not an actual platform.

So, if someone can explain exactly what his plans are, please fill me in. His platform changes faster than Rob Halford can change outfits between sets, according to his website.


  1. It’s not weird at all, you’re dead on, I recently posted two links in my lj, one to Naomi Klein’s speech about Obama having the right attitude but nt having any real plans, and how progressives need to pressue him about that before they agree to vote for him.

    The other is a link with clips of McCain, Bush, and, Obama all saying virtually word fr the same things when describing the things they support.


    1. I saw those, but didn’t have a chance to check them. I’ll make a point to look at them over the next two days. Thank you.


    1. I’m still debating. If GA has some local stuff I need to vote for, I’ll vote absentee, but if not, I’ll probably abstain this year, as the only other option I’m looking at is writing in Thompson (not real big on Barr).


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