Adventures in being environmentally friendly

So, I took MARTA today.  I bought a 10-trip pass, figuring it’ll be useful for the airport trips, and then maybe a day of non-car work.  Took me a little under an hour, which is fine.  Since I now know when to expect the bus to come by our house, instead of waiting for 30 minutes for it.  The down-side, which I failed to understand from the website, is that there are no bus to bus transfers.  Bus to rail, yes, and free, but not bus to bus.  So, 2 of my 10 trips are gone.  The airport run will be 1 trip, since I’m taking a bus then the rail.  In trying to figure the logistics, I was thinking that a 7-day unlimited will more than pay for itself for the 3 days I don’t have to train, and can take MARTA in.  Otherwise, I can snag a 30-day pass, and again, those 3 days a week will more than pay for my trip.  The only issue, is having the money to pay for those passes.  :/

The other option, is to hop the bus to Lindbergh, then hop the train to the Buckhead station (it’s less of a walk, from Lindbergh – takes me 30 minutes to walk – not including a supplies basket).  Oh well, we shall see.  Since I’d have to figure out the logistics again, once I move.

EDIT:  I keep opening my workroom closet and smelling cat spray/piss.  :/  It’s on my suitcase.  Thankfully, though, it’s not on my clothes….yet.

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