I think I liked life a lot more when I was in college. At least, then, I knew everything was temporary, and didn’t expect anything to last longer than a semester. Now, I’m living in a home, that’s obviously not my home anymore. It’s just a nice storage box for my things.


  1. *hugs*
    Kinda off topic- does your “not a home” maybe have a little extra crash space for a weekend?
    There is a good chance that I’ll be hangin’ in the ATL next weekend and Aaron and Lyra are talking about trying to make it to town to see the both of us if they can managed it cheap. I am crashing at a friends place so I can’t really offer them anything.
    Not having to get a hotel would help allot.
    What’cha think?
    A couple of days of you, me aaron and lyra drinking too much coffee and laughing out asses off at everything?


    1. it is, and it isn’t. it’s something that’s been talked about, as a last resort (IMO). i just realize, that if i move out, the friendship that exists will disappear. i know myself too well, and i know what will happen. it just seems like my roommate is either willfully ignoring this, or hoping that i will change to save things. *shrugs* either way, it’s a very painful experience for me.


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