Scorpio for this week:

For reasons too silly to go into here (involving romance, of course), I once spent six months making thrice-weekly three-and-a-half-hour roundtrips from Chapel Hill, NC to Columbia, SC. The back roads I drove on were sparsely traveled and my ancient pick-up truck didn’t have a radio, so I passed the time by reading. I became quite skilled at continually darting my eyes back and forth between the road and the open book resting on my steering wheel. In this way I got through James Joyce’s Ulysses, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, and Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain. I don’t advise you to try something so dangerous, Scorpio, but I do believe it’s a perfect astrological moment for you to master the art of slipping back and forth between two starkly different realities.

FreeWill Astrology

Yeah, I need to get back to doing this. My realities have really sucked, of late. Most of them include pain and depression, but I have a slight break from it all. It’s currently on the other side of the country, and over here, it’s nothing but all about me, right now. Least, till tomorrow. I fight at 10am. I have one fight, and it’s a girl I know I can beat if I’m smart about it. The nerves have finally passed, so I’m doing much better.

Also, I have my Whiskey, from the Isle of Skye, it makes my tongue tingle. And it makes me think that the gods are on my side, I just have to take advantage of it and do what I need to do. The signs have been there, that it is finally my time, now to just rise up to it and face it, without fear.

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