I would think parents would be better than this (family creates fake myspace, girl commits suicide). But no. Instead, they have to sneak around, not just their child, but the child of someone else. Now, while I don’t agree with the seeking of charges in the suicide, I do believe that something needs to happen. I understand the vigilance that is needed with kids on the internet, but this is going waaaaaaaaay too far.

Why have we stooped to this level? Even if it’s just one person. What happened with developing good communication skills with kids early on? *sigh*


  1. Haven’t you heard? Children are not responsibilities to be raised, cherished, loved and cared for any more; they’re fashion accessories like the latest Prada and Donna Karen. It’s not the parent’s fault that they didn’t spend enough time interacting with their child and monitoring what their children read and who they interact with and how they interact with them. It’s MySpace’s fault for not putting in enough controls.

    This is the same thing that I’ve been screaming about for ages, when something is fucked up, it’s never the individual’s fault, it’s always somebody else’s. Until we give up the victim mentality, this will forever be our fate.


  2. Kids can be cruel enough without the help of adults that should know a lot better. Unbelievable. I’m already of the school of thought where you very closely monitor your child’s on-line dealings…but to teach your child that the type of behavior here (deception/invention/cruelty?) is ok is just appalling.


  3. It seems that Megan’s mother was more upset about Megan’s use of foul language. The parents knew that their daughter had mental problems. What makes me sad is that these were parents who decided to create the false account. I agree with you that the lack of communication is what ultimately caused the suicide.


  4. Wow, I read the article and it doesn’t even sound real. I mean, seriously, why would anyone do such a thing – creating a profile and so cruelly play with a child’s mind!? Those soccer moms need to get a life! I mean, honestly, who has enough time on their hands and such a rotten little brain to do a thing like that? It left a bad taste in my mouth. That doesn’t have anything to do with vigilance… that’s just perverted.

    Parents should not allow internet access to children under the age of about 14 unattended. Period. Kids around that age are extremely naive, sensitive, and susceptible to all sorts of things… I know I was.


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