Love letters

One of the things that I’m really liking about this book, is the suggested activity of writing love letters. Yes, to an extent, this furthers my fantasy about the ideals of love and my exploration of that emotion, but hey, what can one do? One of the letters is to my Evil Twin, now, the assignment didn’t take into the consideration that I actually have someone I consider my evil twin, but that’s beside the point. The other letter, is to someone I want to love, or want to love more. I’ve been drafting everything in my head, with a couple of additions to digital form. One of these days I will post them, once I consider them finished. And to be thoroughly honest, I’ve been enjoying the discoveries I’ve found. 😀

I think I’m finally hitting my balance, again. And I can honestly say, I haven’t gotten totally frustrated, yet, today. 😀


      1. The first bit with the rhyming had me cracking a smile, because it reminded me of Dr Seuss. Someone in my therapy group had mentioned Pronoia and it clicked that I had seen you mention it.


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