So, I broke down and found a copy of Pronoia: is the antidote for paranoia by Rob Brezsny. I haven’t managed to read much out of it, yet, but what I have skimmed through is awesome. He’s got some great quotables in there, and it’ll give me a decent amount of meditation fodder for a while.

The rage has subsided, and there’s still some residuals there, but it’s manageable. Today, the plan is to start on this journal from the beginning and edit tags. Go look through REI and make a list + prices of what I want, then head to the gym for some light training.

I also need to go and look at wood, since my Scotsman is going to let me assist him in making a meditation bench for me, as well as a computer desk for my bed.

The other night, I broke my nature girl that has hung on our front door, to assist in repairing the broken house, we’re going to put her back together, together.

Yesterday was good, it helped to get out, and the energy was very low key, so it was nice to be able to move as I wanted. Now, to just clean the house. 😀

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