So, I’m sitting here, watching the kittens terrorize everything awake in the house. And to think they were doing good a bit ago by just sleeping. Talking with my friend J, looking at the dreary – but welcome – weather outside and thinking it’s almost right. I’ve been enjoying the stillness that exists here, probably too much, since I can never manage to wake up before 8.30 or 9. The lights are currently off, and it’s beautiful. I have an email conversation going with my ET, since she’s at work already and my Progchat is open.

I got one of my gift cards from my mum, for next week’s road mark. Trying to decide if I should use it to get my new tent, or see if I can spread it around a bit for a new hiking pack (need one for a week, for those European trips), small parts to fix up my bike, etc. etc. Decisions, decisions.

I’m still in shock about Jeremy, talked to his wife for the first time yesterday and I had no clue what to say to her. My Bitch has been awesome, and is talking to her every day, and I love him for it. Jeremy was my brother, but at least I can now call and check on her as well.

Tomorrow are the parties, so yes, get to the House of Pynkcakes early, since I won’t be able to stay long. I have another party to head to after that, so I figure 3 hours there, and 3 hours at the other party and I’ll be socialized out. Weekend after, I will be at _gothfather_‘s Guy Fawkes party (which, I don’t have directions to your place yet, and I only vaguely remember from the last visit), for a little bit, after my tournament.

I still need to redo stuff with the site, both my journal pages look like shit now. But with things finally toning down, I might have a chance before the end of the year. Here’s hoping! Though, LJ is the only one I have real trouble with, my blogger journal is a fairly easy fix, I’m just too lazy to do it.


    1. Re: Back pack

      Heh, but that means I’d have to layover there, so I can pack it and leave my bag with you. 😀

      Thanks for the offer though, when you move back here, I might take you up on the offer, though.


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