Wow, it seems like I haven’t said anything in a good while. This last week was a rush, on multiple levels. My best friend got here last Saturday, but I was with the family camping, so we hung out Sunday night for dinner then had Monday and Tuesday together. Progpower started on Wednesday, so my usual work week was extended a day. It wasn’t that bad, since I only had to deal with one band that night, and all we managed to do was get lost finding their hotel. No big deal, since it was my fault for not knowing where it was and going down the wrong streets. Julien, Drew and Amanda got in Wednesday too, picked them up at the airport and ran into Wayne, Chris and Nathan. Got lots of hugs. Not sure what was going on with that day, as I made a point to get everywhere early, but somehow I always ended up late. Guess the universe felt like laughing at me. The bonus was all the boy snuggles, as well as the 3-way snuggles with my ET, have I mentioned how much I love that woman? Anyway, Thursday was awesome, I got to see Shane actually play an instrument instead of tuning it. Also got to see my boys in Freak Kitchen and get some awesome video from the vancam with them. Vanden Plas didn’t make it, so I didn’t get to joke with Andy this year, but that’s ok, hopefully they can get everything with customs cleared up and show up next year. Friday was awesome, even though I was dealing with 6 bands, didn’t get much sleep, but hey, it’s how the weekend goes. Also got the joys of introducing Damian to the wonder that is the 3 Swedes of Freak Kitchen. The reaction was hilarious. The best part was getting to see Communic from the pit, which made my day. I love those guys and it’s nice to understand what they’re saying between songs instead of hearing only Norsk. The downside, was not being able to get my nap in, before picking up Redemption. As much as I love the porch party, my room was right above it and they were keeping me awake. Saturday…..oh yeah. Can I just say I had the biggest joygasm that day? Not only did I wake up with a rash from wrestling with Kristor the night before (skin rubbing against the velcro on my skirt), but I also got to sit and talk with Damian for 20 minutes, as well as see Threshold from the pit, and they dedicated a song to me. It was sweet, and cracked me up as I thought, “This is awesome, most of the people in this place have no clue who [that freak] is.” I also got to see Drew play the fanboy part, which was highly amusing, he’s so cute when he does that. Anyway, the festival was awesome, the people were awesome, my roommates rock my socks.

The downside, is that I saw two parts of my life collide. I don’t really wish to speak about it much, but it’s one reason why I compartmentalize so much in my life. These two are oil and water and they do not belong in such proximity of each other. It really saddened me, on both sides of the coin, because it wasn’t intentional. Just really, really bad timing. The other part, is that the gym drama is acting up again. So I guess I might be looking for a new place to train, here soon. It really sucks, because all I want to do is train with my teammates and fight. But someone always has to be looking to make a quick buck, and selling out. Least it happened before I got attached to my new teammates. Oh well, guess I’ll just pick up and move to the next gym. Hopefully with my teammates, if not, guess I’ll join my other teammates that went to their own place.

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