You could see it coming a mile away. First, there was the policeman blocking the way of the person in front of me, and taking forever to explain the other entrance to the parking lot. Then, it was the Delta Kiosk saying it couldn’t find my itinerary. Then it was me waiting in line, till 1.5 minutes after the 45 minute mark (which Delta’s site still doesn’t list clearly), that resulted in me having to throw out the brand new bottle of sauce my Scotsman got for my Gram – in order for me to make it to my flight (because they refused to check my bag, which is better than Frontier refusing to let me on my plane). And after that, 3 gate changes, with the last one sending me back to the original gate. Which, in all honesty made me lucky that I had to carry on my bag. So, I’m an hour late, but safe at my parents house. It’s interesting, as this whole area flooded in the last couple of months. And I have to say, City governments in North Texas suck and need to be shot. Cheers!

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