Scorpio for this week:

“Dear Rob: Can you give me a rational explanation for why Scorpio is the most hated and feared sign of the zodiac? When I tell someone I’m a member of that tribe, the usual reaction is along the lines of ‘Ooohhh, a Scorpio,’ in the same way someone would say ‘Ooohhh, a horribly disfigured, compulsively evil, sexually deviant sideshow freak.’ -Sick of Being Dissed.” Dear Gorgeous Crafty Rebel Lover: I have some good news for you. 2007 is Scorpio Rehabilitation Year, and June is Scorpio Glorification Month. To take advantage of these milestones, all you need to do is vividly express your most beautiful qualities. Leave the rest to the universe.

FreeWill Astrology

Yay for Transformation!!!!! This one is kinda funny, given what I just posted over on my MySpace blog (don’t worry, I’ll repost here later today). The basic gist, is that I’m considering transforming myself into a modern-day courtesan (minus getting paid). The reason for this, is the fact that I’ve come to the decision that I only seek companionship, which I already have. Sex is something that is completely outside of my scope, with a few exceptions, and while is something desired, it is not a need or requirement for me to be happy in a relationship. Not to mention, I’ve lost focus on my life right now. And if I remove the new parts that contributed, I can refocus and start re-integrating those new parts back in.

Also, snagged this from Rob Brezny too:
Notice how you feel as you speak the following: “The strong, independent part of me resisted the embarrassing truth for a long time, but I finally came to accept that I’m someone who craves vast amounts of love. Ever since I surrendered to this need, it doesn’t nag me all the time, as it used to. In fact, it feels comforting, like a source of sweetness that doesn’t go away. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve come to treasure the feeling of having a voracious yearning to be loved.”

I like that.

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