1. You do realize the cruelty of statements like this when not followed up with photographic evidence, yes? 😛

    Seriously, I wanna see what this yard looks like! 😉



    1. Hopefully she was in the more secluded back part. The garden/patio area is shaping up, but has a small issue of a VERY territorial mated pair of Brown Thrashers and their nest.


  2. I peed in my backyard this morning. 😀

    I took Buffy and our new puppy, Weechee, out back to pee? And I figured… “Hey… Why should I have to wait for them to finish?”

    Yeah… Liberating.. lol


    1. Dogs resemble owners? Or is it owners resembling their dogs. 😉

      And dude, if you try to hump my leg you’re so getting the newspaper beat down.


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