An experiment in simplification…

Starting with my trip to Cali, I made the decision to start working with letting things go. I’m one of those people that has to have things scheduled, because if I don’t, I don’t get things done. My Professore told me once, that I complicate things. It was one of those off-comments that caused me to turn it over and over in my head and realize, “Well, it’s true.” I do complicate things. As much as I’ve prided myself on being fairly simple, easy to please, easy to understand…even though everyone else seemed to complicate that….I try to explain myself too much. I don’t just go with the flow. And over the last month, everything from things my chiropractic goddess would say, down to my horrorscopes, were all about simplifying things. So, I decided to start. I had two days in Cali with absolutely nothing planned. No hotel, no transportation, nothing. So I took care of that at the last minute and just let things slide into place as they moved. Granted, the hotel I ended up at on Wednesday night was not the best place in the world (and now I know which hotels to pay attention to, in that area). It’s starting to settle into my head. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been splitting my living quarters between the fight house (full of Brazilians) and my Scotsman’s house. Living with Brazilians is an interesting experience, especially given that they’re all fighters. It’s a really laid-back atmosphere and forces me to relax and just be in a moment. We train when we feel the pull, do other things when we feel like going in that direction, or just sit on our asses all day. It’s helping, I’m starting to get my focus back, even though I’m burned out on training and taking a break from that. But I don’t feel rushed to go anywhere or do anything in particular. We wake up when we need to, there’s only one alarm clock in the house, and it’s no where for me to hear it when it goes off. It’s almost like a part-time vacation for me. Now, to work on the social part of me…


  1. If I might suggest, as to working on the social part of you, that walkingbear ‘s invitation for the Tuesday night group is still open, and it’s this Tuesday. So far, we’ve been enjoying ourselves in a pretty ‘no social agendas’ environment, which would aid in your ‘live in the moment’ path, and we’re always looking for new and interesting people to enhance the experience (at least as far as any situation can be enhanced without the use of high explosives).


    1. It’s also getting out there. If my Tuesday is fairly laid-back, not a problem, but if I have a 7pm appt, the only thing I want to do is go home and crawl into bed. The guys got on to me last week, because I wouldn’t suit up and train, because I wanted to go home, make dinner and go to sleep. As I get in a better spot (needing alone time right now), I’ll definitely be there. If I can succeed in enough me-time this weekend, I will be present on Tuesday.


  2. Please, take any and all the ‘me’ time you need; this isn’t a DefCon callup (and if it is, I’ll be late in getting my haircut and back to base). Just wanted to remind you that the invite was there. 😀


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