Day: April 20, 2007

Today has been an interesting day for horoscopes. First, I got this one:
Don’t set yourself up for frustration as the illuminating Sun transits your 7th House of Partnerships throughout the weeks ahead. You will likely be reminded of the insurmountable gulf between your attraction to complexity and someone else’s need for simplicity, especially as it impacts a current relationship. Even if you cannot bring these opposite approaches together, your awareness of both can make life easier. (

Which I find interesting sheerly on the point of the complexity/simplicity statement. Earlier this week, I tried to explain a bit of myself in email, and came close to failing because of my desire to explain something as thoroughly as possible, only to find that my passions outweighed my addressee’s ability to translate my words. I was told the next day that I complicate things. When I read this, this morning, it made complete sense to me. I worry so much about being mis-interpreted and put into a little box, that I fail to see how simplistic things really are, and to just live in the moment given to me.

Unconditional love is like a classic car: It never goes out of style. But you can fall out of practice. You have to train yourself to love people with a boundless sense of compassion. Why not practice it on yourself first?

How true, how true!!!! Which I think has happened. I need to recultivate this aspect of myself, as I do seem to be out of practice. I fell off of it when I got back from Pan-Ams and am feeling the void left by it. Been slacking on myself as well, and it all goes back to my whole complexity/simplicity issue. Maybe I’ll take this next month and try to wheedle things down a bit. I think I got caught up in trying to get back into the flow of things, as well as the fact that my schedule shifted significantly and the confusion in trying to settle into the new circus.