My thoughts on today’s CNN news:

The president wants Congress to give his administration the power to set the standards for cars, using a system it says cuts emissions while preserving choices and safety for costumers. Bush opposes any legislation simply setting a number for higher fuel-economy standards, an approach Democrats like better. Source

I hope the AP finds better proof-readers in the future. Though, I’m happy that costumers will have plenty of choices, but what about the customers?

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday blamed U.S. policy for inciting other countries to seek nuclear weapons to defend themselves from an “almost uncontained use of military force.”

The stinging attack underscored growing tensions between Washington and Moscow.

“Unilateral, illegitimate actions have not solved a single problem, they have become a hotbed of further conflicts,” Putin said at the Munich Conference on Security Policy, an annual forum attracting senior officials from around the world.

“One state, the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way.” Source

The previous quote I saw from this, attributed Putin as stating that it was the UNs responsibility to do the things that he’s accusing the US of doing. Which, while true, will never happen as long as the UN is a waste of US soil. I hope the new SG will give that organization its balls back. With that said, I’m also curious, as to how the US, who hasn’t used a Nuke since Japan, is causing other countries to wish to obtain Nukes. For starters, they’re absolutely worthless without a means to deploy them, and the last thing you want to do is deploy them on your own soil. Also, if I’m remembering my “post” Cold War politics, we signed agreements with Russia on the purpose of arms reductions, due to the fact that they had Nukes too, and still do. Added to that, I don’t really think Russia has much of a leg to lecture us on, about international politics. Chechnya anyone? I’d also like to point out this little tid-bit, Putin attacked Bush’s administration for stoking a new arms race by planning to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe and for backing a U.N. plan that would grant virtual independence to Serbia’s breakaway province of Kosovo. Which, I think is probably the lynch-pin of Putin’s whole argument. I’m curious as to how the knowledge that Russia isn’t the only big dog in that area of the world is colouring his view.

Invoking the memory of fellow Illinoisan and the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, the first-term senator addressed thousands packed into the Springfield, Illinois, town square on a chilly day in America’s heartland. Source

Glad to see the party who didn’t like his (Lincoln) policies are cool with lining themselves up with him now. With that said, I won’t be voting for him either. We’ll see who the Rep’s can put forward, as to whether I’ll be voting in the Presidential election again.

“I did not evolve from Turkana Boy or anything like it,” says Bishop Boniface Adoyo, head of Kenya’s 35 evangelical denominations, which he claims have 10 million followers. “These sorts of silly views are killing our faith.” Source

Yeah, evolving from another animal is somehow less plausible than the Christian God pointing his finger and blinking it into existence (yes, I’m taking the extreme of the Creationist debate to task, you middle-grounders can find your own way). With that said, I’m curious as to what he thinks he evolved from, besides his birth mum?

have close, meaningful relationships with espresso brownies, cold beer, and reruns of “The West Wing.” Until recently, it hadn’t occurred to me that these paramours are, in fact, three of the major players in my stress-management strategy. Hey, I wasn’t even aware I had a stress-management strat Source

I highly suggest anyone who feels that they are constantly running to become aware of how they destress. Once you recognize it, it becomes more meaningful and useful. It also allows for a change in habits if its needed.

In a letter to employees, Jim Samples, the general manager and executive vice president of the network, wrote: “I deeply regret the negative publicity and expense caused to our company as a result of this campaign. As general manager of Cartoon Network, I feel compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch.” Source

I’m sorry, but the idiocy in Boston is not the fault of the Veep of CN. In all honesty, I think TBS paying the city back is wrong. If they wanted to be nice, I’d suggest half, not the whole amount. The good thing, I’m not seeing the other cities running to nurse off that teat. Hopefully, they’re just laughing at Boston, too. Sad to know that an elite college is in that town, you would think that would up a few mental numbers, but apparently not.

I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 Save your screen, as I could go on and on.

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  1. Please, go on!! The whole Boston thing really pisses me off, mainly because CN gave them the money. But I guess it’s less about who is right and more about saving face. Bah!

    And every time I read the newspaper (or online news), I become extremely bitter about grammatical/spelling errors. They have these jackass copy editors who don’t do their work thoroughly, and yet I cannot find a job copy editing to save my life. While I can’t speak for CNN, I have heard that a lot of news sources are forcing their writers to do the copy editing themselves to save money. That’s still not a good enough excuse, in my opinion. But, then again, I’m kind of a snob about the whole thing.


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