Month: December 2006

Scorpio for this week:

If you will ever in your life acquire the means to buy a 12,000-square-foot mansion, a private jet and yacht, your own personal manager, and an ecological organization devoted to saving endangered species in far-flung parts of the world, it will be in 2007. I’m not saying this will definitely happen; I just want you to know that the astrological omens regarding your cash flow will be particularly perky in the coming months. But even if you don’t get the chance to find out if extravagant wealth and luxury will corrupt your beautiful soul, I bet you will at least get richer quicker. This week will bring a juicy clue that will show you just what I’m talking about. Pay close attention.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, even if I could afford the mansion and the personal manager, I’d never get either of them. The private jet – of course, easier to travel and I could pay my evil twin to fly me places, so we could enjoy each other’s company. 😀 As for the cash flow thing. That would be terribly nice. And it will all go into my savings and retirement accounts for down the road. 🙂

As much as I’m happy I’m sick, I’ve forgotten how much day-time tv sucks ass. It’s nice to get this crap out of me, but damned. Can’t things have a little bit more to it? Oh well.

Last night, I took my Scotsman out to see The Fountain. That movie amazed me more than I thought it would. With the mixed reviews, I thought it might be too hard to follow…but was highly thrilled that it was pretty simple. Not to mention, the soundtrack is phenominal. That movie has nailed down so many different beliefs of mine in a manner that gave my Scotsman a better understanding of me. What went on in that movie, are the things that I see in my head every day. That really is how I perceive and interact with myself. Right down to the bauble carrying the First Father through space.

But in all seriousness, if you don’t get what’s going on, it’s not because it’s a bad movie. It’s mainly because the perceptions are different and you have to step outside of them to understand what all is going on. Yes, it’s a slow movie, but it’s an art flick, they tend to be that way. Don’t feel bad, it’s one of those “you get it, or you don’t” things and nothing to worry about.

I can’t wait for the director’s cut.

So I came up with a list, of things to improve on after Saturday (least, from the things about my match I actually remember):

Learn to tell left and right as body parts: talked with my Professore today, and he mentioned a sweatband on one arm. Then my other instructor’s sister suggested nail polish, which is better for me, as I hate stuff on my wrists. So, one side will be red, and the other side will be black. Less thinking.

Learn to center before a match: I spent most of Saturday focused on my teammates, and no time on myself. i didn’t ground before my match. Result? Checked out the yoga center by the gym today, going back tomorrow for my intro class on the center philosophy and my first yoga class there. Hopefully, that will help more.

Keep my head in the game: My first match is usually to get the jitters out. Well, doesn’t work if the first match is the last one. So this kinda goes back to the previous note, with the focus on my pre-fight ritual. Ritual always helps me focus, hence why I have a ton of rituals I go through every day. I failed to meditate adequately, and call about my fighting animals. As a result, they were not there with me and I was not part of them.