Day: December 4, 2006

So I came up with a list, of things to improve on after Saturday (least, from the things about my match I actually remember):

Learn to tell left and right as body parts: talked with my Professore today, and he mentioned a sweatband on one arm. Then my other instructor’s sister suggested nail polish, which is better for me, as I hate stuff on my wrists. So, one side will be red, and the other side will be black. Less thinking.

Learn to center before a match: I spent most of Saturday focused on my teammates, and no time on myself. i didn’t ground before my match. Result? Checked out the yoga center by the gym today, going back tomorrow for my intro class on the center philosophy and my first yoga class there. Hopefully, that will help more.

Keep my head in the game: My first match is usually to get the jitters out. Well, doesn’t work if the first match is the last one. So this kinda goes back to the previous note, with the focus on my pre-fight ritual. Ritual always helps me focus, hence why I have a ton of rituals I go through every day. I failed to meditate adequately, and call about my fighting animals. As a result, they were not there with me and I was not part of them.