As much as I’m happy I’m sick, I’ve forgotten how much day-time tv sucks ass. It’s nice to get this crap out of me, but damned. Can’t things have a little bit more to it? Oh well.

Last night, I took my Scotsman out to see The Fountain. That movie amazed me more than I thought it would. With the mixed reviews, I thought it might be too hard to follow…but was highly thrilled that it was pretty simple. Not to mention, the soundtrack is phenominal. That movie has nailed down so many different beliefs of mine in a manner that gave my Scotsman a better understanding of me. What went on in that movie, are the things that I see in my head every day. That really is how I perceive and interact with myself. Right down to the bauble carrying the First Father through space.

But in all seriousness, if you don’t get what’s going on, it’s not because it’s a bad movie. It’s mainly because the perceptions are different and you have to step outside of them to understand what all is going on. Yes, it’s a slow movie, but it’s an art flick, they tend to be that way. Don’t feel bad, it’s one of those “you get it, or you don’t” things and nothing to worry about.

I can’t wait for the director’s cut.


  1. Fountain

    Amazing Film. I agree with the whole ‘not getting it because your beliefs are different’

    I feel the same way. The movie was done very well but if you do not have an understanfing or appreciation of spirituality then you would probably be bored and confused through most of it….

    It was visually amazing and I hope anyone would agree with at least that aspect.

    Did I mention I love Rachael Weisz?


  2. hmmmm…sounds like one i’ll have to check out.
    glad to hear you’re getting better.
    if i am forced to watch daytime TV, i have this irrepressible urge to remove my shoe and fling it at the damned thing. inanity, all of it.
    be well,
    ghostie alix


  3. We saw the Fountain the day after Thanksgiving. We both thought the movie was fabulous… however, I think most of the other people in the audience didn’t have any clue what was going on in the movie. Some people actually walked out. I know the people behind us commented.. “um… that weirded me out”. I had to refrain from turning around and making a snarky comment.

    Then at dinner the waitress had asked if we were out shopping and we told her no… we were out at a movie. When she asked which one we told her and she said she really wanted to go see it and asked how it was. It was hard without knowing what kind of movie she likes… so we just said it was intellectual, and an art film… and if those things were interesting to her that she’d love it.

    I think all the people who gave it bad reviews really didn’t understand the point of the movie. Small minds and all…


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