So, what has the freak been up to? Well, I’ve been training, and working, and training. I’m planning a trip to Finland, Denmark and Norway this summer (sorry Sweden, not this time around) for approximately 2.5 weeks. So I’m starting to learn Danish, which, I’m having fun with, and once I get the basics on that language I’ll work on my Finnish. I’ve also been reading this lovely book on Elves and Fairies by Rev. Kirk, forword by John Matthews. It’s a beautiful book to read, even if I can’t quite lose my reality grip to actually believe it’s a first-hand account of Rev. Kirk’s interaction with Sidhe. However, as far as his desciptions of them go, I’m right there with him and can follow them with the nodding of my head. 🙂

I’ve been doing some more head writing, and things are slow enough that I might be able to actually start getting it down in my journals.



    1. TY, I’m all about learning other languages. I scare my friends when I can put enough context to understand what they’re saying (one of my friends asked me for my keys, in Arabic, and I speak nothing of that language but understood him right off the bat and handed them over without missing a beat).


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