I’m not sure how I feel about the events of today. But I will say, I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it’s held up by the hope that the moderate Democrats will have more balls than their liberal counter-parts. So please moderates, don’t make me lump you in with the idiots I see in my cynical world. You’re my hope that this government isn’t run by a bunch of fools. Stand strong, and govern for the people who elected you, not for the party line that got you there.

EDIT: This is not a slam against the Republicans. I’m actually more Republican at the federal level than I am Democrat (I fall in line with what’s referred to as “Southern Democrats”). The fact is, I don’t like the Nancy Pelosi and Murtha Democrats, at all. I would like to see the Democratic party pull back from the edge, and return to its roots. My only hope is that the newly elected moderates of the party will have the balls to stand up to the Pelosi’s and Murtha’s of the party and redefine it, while not running us down the shitter, as I believe Pelosi’s latest declarations will do. With that said, I’m not holding my breath.


  1. there isn’t enough of ’em to run rughshod over anything. Expect a lot of noise for a few months and then a return to reasoned compromise and (hopefully) careful planning and foresight.


    1. Enough who? Murtha’s and Pelosi’s? If that’s the case, thankfully there isn’t. However, there are enough who are willing to do their bidding when asked, which is what needs to stop. If we’re talking about the moderate Democrats, I hope they run all over everyone. There needs to be a shake-up in the middle, as apparently, “moderate” is a dirty word on the hill.


      1. Enough of the Pelosi-style folks, that is. A fair number of newly-elected are very solid moderates, and WI sent Herb Kohl back to the Senate. While he takes SOME lead from Russ Feingold, it’s not exactly a lockstep.


      2. Well, that’s what my hope is, is that the moderates stay moderate and think for themselves, and not fall victim to the democratic party line. i’m not holding my breath, but they have two years to stay strong.


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