Holy shit, stop the presses!!!!

Gore’s movie got its science right!
Now there’s a first, Gore finally did something right.

Bush pushes for line-item veto
Now this is my fav headline. The Republicans are a bit pissy that the Democrats won’t give the Shrublette line-item veto. Guess they (Republicans) should have thought ahead when they decided to take it away from Clinton during his second term. But I guess elephants don’t have forethought, only a good memory….

Railroad killer finally kicks it…
And he thinks he’s a nephalim. Oh yeah, he was an illegal….I mean undocumented…Mexican (though, I think this gives new meaning to the word Alien).

And those are my fav headlines of the day. Cheers!


  1. I remain skeptical about man-made global warming. The sun has been in a hot cycle for a long time. But if they took the Sun into consideration as a non-fixed variable, they would have no hysteria to propagate. Eh.


    1. For the most part, I know that it’s part of a cycle that the earth goes through. Went through a similar thing (so it’s been theorized) leading up to the ice age. Whether or not human conditions have speeded up the process is up for debate. However, the fact that any movie, much less a movie written by Al Gore, has passed the approval of scientists is amazing in and upon itself.


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