So my sleep schedule is really screwed up. Got home Thursday, woke up early Friday, stayed up all day Friday, went to bed around 4A, slept till noon Sat, went to bed at 7P and now I’m awake. Wierd. I guess I could get dressed and go grocery shopping, maybe I’ll do that in a couple of hours.

Oh yeah, hit up Brian on Friday to check the tear, he said it’s healing well and I did right by reshaping it. Going to go check back in in 3 months and he said it should be ready to be repierced in 6 months.

Can’t come up with anything else to say. Trying to hold on to the relaxation I got from the trip, it is a hard thing to do here. Stress just attaches to you.


  1. Glad you’re back in (mostly) one piece!

    I have a harder time going over than I do coming back. Coming back, I just go to bed early and get up early and eventually my schedule rights itself without too much misery.

    Going over, I have to force myself to stay awake – I’ve found it’s much easier in the long run if I immediately adapt to the local time schedule (rather than napping upon arrival), but the first day is brutal.


  2. Glad to hear it will be better luv. Mine are a bit sore but healing quite nicely. 🙂 Wish you could have been here for it. Fucking intense. Grrrrrrrrr


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