Travel Journal:

No, I should not be awake. However, I am. 😀 Yesterday, we went into Venice and got lost. 6+ mi later my hips are killing me and I have a cold. I think I might have wanted to see the city during the week, when it didn’t have the fests going on, but it’s all good. I have some great pics, and I can’t wait to share them with you all when I get back to the States. Seriously, there are some of the most beautiful sunset angles there. I didn’t get to see all of what I wanted, because of the restorations that they were doing, but I was able to get tons of architecture shots and visit a few churches. Oh yeah, this city really, really loves Vivaldi. I mean, I can understand the Mozart shops, but Vivaldi? Anyway, _gothfather_ will be happy because I got shots of all the buildings and markers that noted every move of Mozart within the city.

I found a kickass torc with skulls as end-joints, solid silver, and around $300 too much. Fuck.

Friday, was a trip to the mountains, Piancavallo. It was so beautiful up there, with all the snow and ice. Got some wonderful shots there, along with a few of me clowning around (as I don’t get to see snow much). I’ve left some offerings around and taken in the scenery. I commented earlier that I can totally understand how philosophers/writers, such as Virgil, came out of this area. I can just imagine how it was back then, given that the scape gives so much food for thought nowadays. I have a couple more crosses and alters to take pictures of, local ones. One is made of stone and has some early symbolism to it, but it was created much later than the period of those markings. Very cool to see the continutity of culture, regardless the changes made to it.

Oh yeah, Protestant churches are the most boring looking things I’ve ever seen. I know many will rail against the Catholic church for its issues regarding spirituality and the expression thereof…but damned, they knew how to make their religion beautiful when you put pen to paper, especially in this area. You can see some of the influences of the Ottomans and the Eastern Orthodoxy in their frescos and sculpture. Gods I wish I didn’t hate the politics of this country so much. (Oh yeah, got plenty of political graffiti for my collection of pictures too. Better stuff here than in Rome, surprisingly).


    1. Make one wrong turn and then ask for directions. They point in one direction and tell you how far, nevermind the fact that none of the roads are straight. Venice is a giant labyrinth, and they want you to pay for the maps. 😀


  1. Catholicsm in its purest form is an incredibly beautiful religion. When they started mixing politics with it is when it became tainted.

    Venice! I’m so jealous, make sure you post all about it.


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