1. Driving

    Get in your car & go, Woman! If ya got the itch, ya got the itch!

    Don’t know if you are into this sort of thing, or how far you want to drive, but there is this really great Yoga retreat/campsite in Tenessee….. It’s amazing. You get to camp on the grounds and they feed you twice a day and hold workshops… If my geography is correct, it is only about five hours away from you. Not even, depending on how you drive.


    1. Re: Driving

      Hrm, the yoga retreat sounds nifty, might have to look it up. As for getting in the car and driving, can’t really do that without leaving the rental’s at home (which would be quite rude). The unfortunate fact, is that Atlanta is a tourist trap that they’ve already been stuck in, and we’re waiting on their car to be fixed. So lazing around the house is what’s in store for me. 😛


      1. Re: Driving

        oooh….. See that makes more sense why you are itchy….. But I just looked this up out of my own curiosity. It is actually incredibly close to Atlanta. There is a map on the link I sent you. I was actually planning my own little vacation. I was supposed to go last year, but it did not pan out. But as far as Atlanta – How long are the parents staying? Are they up for doing anything somewhat active?


      2. Re: Driving

        They’re here till sometime Thursday (and I have office appt’s I have to show up for, then camping). Right now, they’re napping and reading. We’re waiting for their car to finish, and we will be heading out to meet my Scotsman for dinner. Then he’s swishing them off to the Botanical Gardens for an evening display and I head to work.


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