1. I agree, but please give a warning when pointing to something written by Michelle Malkin. Dry-cleaning bills from vomiting at the sight of her are getting costly.


    1. Sounds like a personal issue, but at the time, she had the source print. Since putting this up I’ve found several others, but it’s kinda pointless to post links to similar stuff over and over.


    2. BFD. And MM linked to the Times and Newsweek and she largely quoted them as well.

      What should be making you puke is that bad journalism killed people and endangered more. The first tenant of anything that could be controversial is to actually confirm the source with an independent source first. Until then, you sit on it. The news agencies (including the one I work for) are too damned hopeful to scoop all the rest that they’ll print anything. They certainly don’t bother to make any kind of serious retraction and they’re not making any amends in the regions where the people died.

      I personally have to wonder if the Sedition laws cover statements written/made here that cause problems “over there”.


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