So, got the basics of the site done today. Calling it quits for now, so I don’t end up stressing over it. Otherwise, as many of you love these things….. Tuesday, December 28, 2004 11:44:52 AM US/Eastern
tito_30000 (11:44:52AM): hi
Freak Kitty (11:45:12AM): hi
tito_30000 (11:45:32AM): h r u?
Freak Kitty (11:46:12AM): good, you?
tito_30000 (11:46:21AM): fine
(11:46:26AM): h rt sex?
Freak Kitty (11:46:45AM): not following you, what do you mean?
tito_30000 (11:47:53AM): imean u
(11:48:03AM): h r u hoty?
Freak Kitty (11:52:41AM): i meant, what did you mean by h rt sex?
tito_30000 (11:54:05AM): where u?
Freak Kitty (11:54:17AM): in georgia, where i told you the last time we talked
tito_30000 (11:56:32AM): Buzz!!
(11:56:36AM): i like u
Freak Kitty (11:56:52AM): you’ve said that.
tito_30000 (11:58:06AM): k
(11:58:10AM): i like usa
(11:58:19AM): u  r sexy
Freak Kitty (11:58:20AM): have you ever been here?
tito_30000 (12:17:09PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (12:17:31PM): you haven’t answered my question, why are you getting impatient with me?
tito_30000 (12:17:55PM): im toald u i love u
Freak Kitty (12:18:17PM): you don’t even know me
tito_30000 (12:18:35PM): but ilove u
(12:18:49PM): i tallk with u
Freak Kitty (12:18:52PM): how can you love what you don’t know?
tito_30000 (12:19:14PM): i knew u
Freak Kitty (12:19:22PM): how did you know me?
tito_30000 (12:19:55PM): i told u i tallk with u befor
(12:23:02PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (12:28:01PM): yes, you’ve talked with me before, but in my opinion that’s not enough to decide you love someone
tito_30000 (12:29:32PM): k
(12:29:35PM): ilove u
(12:29:48PM): what u want
(12:29:55PM): u donot like me
Freak Kitty (12:37:11PM): i don’t know you.  as far as what i want, i know it when i find it.  i have qualities i look for, and that’s about it.
tito_30000 (12:37:45PM): u want love me
(12:37:50PM): i want
Freak Kitty (12:38:18PM): sorry, i don’t decide i love someone after 3 ims.
tito_30000 (12:39:01PM): what mean of  3ims
(12:39:56PM): r u there?
Freak Kitty (12:40:10PM): i’ve only talked to you 3 times.
tito_30000 (12:40:44PM): k
(12:41:01PM): u will love ne in futuer
Freak Kitty (12:41:10PM): i have no idea.
(12:41:52PM): granted, you’re not doing a very good job at keeping my interest.  do you have anything else you’re capable of discussing?  besides how hot you think i am, or how much you want me?
tito_30000 (12:41:54PM): tallk to me u will fined me  good
(12:43:17PM): i want u so match
(12:43:26PM): u are my beaty
(12:43:29PM): girl
(12:44:21PM): Buzz!!
(12:44:41PM): r  u there
Freak Kitty (12:45:26PM): yes, i’m here, and that’s quite annoying, you know
tito_30000 (12:45:40PM): k
(12:45:47PM): what about hot
(12:47:32PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (12:55:35PM): yes, quite honestly, i prefer to have conversations, not dictations about whether or not someone feels like ripping one off to my pictures.
tito_30000 (12:56:29PM): k
(12:57:16PM): can i knew ur name?
(12:59:08PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (01:00:18PM): kat
tito_30000 (01:00:36PM): where u go?
(01:00:41PM): r u busy
Freak Kitty (01:00:57PM): i’m trying to resolve a networking issue so i can get some work done
tito_30000 (01:01:16PM): k
(01:01:29PM): can u have cam
Freak Kitty (01:10:26PM): no, i don’t
tito_30000 (01:10:43PM): why babe
Freak Kitty (01:12:09PM): because i don’t
tito_30000 (01:12:39PM): but i want
Freak Kitty (01:13:34PM): it’s nice to want thing
(01:13:35PM): s
tito_30000 (01:14:39PM): what u nam,e?
(01:14:42PM): babe
Freak Kitty (01:15:18PM): i told you

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