Day: December 23, 2004

Scorpio for this week:

A few years ago East Timor was described as an “unimaginable, apocalyptic ruin” by UN peacekeepers. More than 200,000 people had died during a 25-year struggle to separate from Indonesia. But after finally gaining its independence, the new nation is now prospering in peace. With this as your inspiration, Scorpio, identify the most intractable and painful problem in your life. Now imagine that in the next ten months, you will transform it as dramatically as the people of East Timor did theirs.

FreeWill Astrology

I think I’m already on track with that one. Though, what I’m going to have to patch up afterwards is something to be discovered.

Ok, so there is definitely one thing I do like about my military boys. They can appreciate a girl in cammies. Weird, but cool, as I find them quite comfy to lounge around in.

Note: Must visit the poison family for some digis.

Oh yeah, another interesting note. The other day, got a call at work from our material guy. He wanted to know if we wanted the new Army digi pattern. SL asked what it looked like, WT responded with, “just like the Marine, without the black and EGA.” SL looked at us, “Nah, no sense in carrying the same thing with a different name.” Poor Army. Though, I would like a pair of their new boots. Verra nice. Speaking of which, I need to polish my para boots, and start wearing them again.