Another satisfying moment, is when someone puts enough trust in you, to allow you to see what makes them work, what influences their thoughts, and what makes them who they are. It’s a humbling moment, because it’s a greater responsibility towards that person, and the trust they place in you, as keeper of that knowledge.

That knowledge is a delicate balance, to a greater truth. Knowing when to mention bits and when to keep the mouth shut. The point in reminding, and being reminded of obligations towards that friendship. It reaches past the individual self. And I am honoured.


  1. ‘ello,
    I came across your journal via atlantoccult. You seem to be a genuinely interesting and intelligent person (rarity!) whose LJ is a nice read, so if you don’t mind me adding you to my friends list.
    I’m from athens and have been contemplating visiting atlanta more to try to find some decent trouble. Most of the Athens scene doesn’t interest me, so who knows.
    Take care


    1. Hey, thanks 🙂 I don’t mind you adding me. I’m not one that runs around Atlanta that much, anymore, but please feel welcome to visit and comment here as much as you wish!


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