Month: January 2012

House stuffs…

So, I’m mostly done with the closet. Spent the last couple of weeks painting and installing the top rails. One wall is done, just needs to properly be divvied up so two people can use it. Then come the drawers and whatnot. Otherwise, it’s quite useful now, vs the “so useless I don’t want to go in it” point when I started. I need to head into the container store and do the actual drawing out of it, so I can at least plan for what I’ll need going forward.

The downside, is that the renovation I wanted to do, will not be happening because I can’t move the door into the bedroom. I can do a sliding door where it’s at, which will work and will still allow me to do the walls that I want. It’s gonna look cool, and at least I save money by not having to move the door. 😀

I’ll post pictures later, probably on FB, not sure if I’ll be able to post them here, though.

Atlanta 0 – Freakchylde 1

The city dismissed my arrest this morning via something in latin meaning the documents (my documents and the city ordinance) prove I’m innocent. Was fun – not. Anyway, my lawyer gave me a copy of the email from the solicitor for the city saying she was dismissing and why. So the next time Moron with a badge shows up, I can point it out to him and save myself $2475.00.

That said, I’m reading the Upanishads, lots to ponder and a lot to meditate on. It’s awesome.