Home sick, sick of home…

So, the weekend brought the discovery that my entertainment set-up was making the mantle fall off the wall. It’s good, because I wanted to remove it and didn’t know how. Bad, because it would have been nice to keep the technology out of the bedroom. I despise technology in the bedroom with a passion that beats out that thousand sun saying. The positive, is that my bedroom is getting cleaner and more organized. I’m also finding that I focus on this room more and not the 100 other things that need to be done in the rest of the living space. That means that one bookshelf has been completely cleaned off and is prepped to head to the office, one alter has been created/restored, and I’ve actually been relaxing. The downside….I’ve spent waaaaaaaay too much time in my bedroom. I’ve got cabin fever at this point, so I’m setting up my remote speakers, so I can listen to my podcasts and music in the living room.

I’m also tired of being on my own. I look forward to YTT weekends just so I can be around people and in the company of people (they’re super awesome to begin with). My neighbor and I are going to start doing dinner out once a week, because she’s kinda in the same boat and just wanting to be social. I realize I’ve pretty much done this to myself, but hey, not much one can do when social events are held on the other side of town from where I live. I’m going to keep doing burger Thursdays at NRT, and will post to my FB for those who are interested, sometimes it will be earlier than others, depending on what my Thursdays looks like.

Yoga is coming along, I figure about 2-3 more test run-throughs and I’ll pass. Still having difficulty in getting the practice going, the lack of homework is nice, because I can do what I want and create my own routines. I think I’m just going to separate out the homework and my practice, the only problem is finding the time for both. But hey, wide open schedule = plenty of time. I just need to stop being LAZY!!

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