Bonus points…

Pastry’s visa was approved today, he’ll receive his passport and everything back in December, so that’s on track for an March/April/May move.

Therapist sick today, so I have to cover, but he can’t cover my client tomorrow while I’m in yoga class. Sent email with suggested make-up plan, but he’s on a plane so won’t have confirmation on it till later. Positive, is that the universe might be nice to me today.

Still need to do my self-evaluation homework, should have time to write it out today, or at least some of it. Real test, will be if I can wake my ass up at 6.30 tomorrow and be in class on time.

Still fearful of Tuesday, but still confident having re-looked at the regulations and know that I fall under the exception clause.

Almost caught up on bills. Gas company approved me for prorated billing, so my fixed bills are around $845 a month and given re-evaluations might go down further as I ditch non-essentials, again.

I’m getting there, slowly and with the occasional set-back. But I’m getting there.

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