Day: March 28, 2011

I have decided that it’s time for this journal to evolve….I just don’t know what it will evolve into. Reasoning is, it was started to give me space to explore myself, resolve issues and move forward. At this point, I’ve worked through almost everything that caused severe imbalances. Going forward is a different chapter and I need to move towards that.

So….let’s see….I’ve been accepted by Peachtree Yoga for the fall course of their teacher certification class. I’m excited about it, and am willing to wake up before dawn on the weekends to make it to class. I’m hoping it will allow me to turn more into an early morning person than a late morning person. I really hate not really being awake till around 10ish. It’ll also get me on more of a schedule and will also force me to move my work schedule to the one that I want (haven’t done it, because I haven’t had a need to do so). It also means I’ll be back to a Mon-Fri schedule. Yay weekends!!!! Downside, need to find another female therapist, which has always been a bane for me. I know very few female therapists who meet my expectations in both capability and work ethic. Maybe it’s just a therapist thing, namely in who is attracted to the field and their expectations on how the field works, who knows. Anyway, I’ll start working on that stuff soon.

Now, on to hunting down payments due from clients. Fun!!!