Yay! Turned in my tax stuffs today. All I have to do is fax over my remainder 1099s and pay my last quarter of taxes, and I’m done.

Faxed over all the contract and paperwork to my agent for the condo, offer is heading over. I can pay myself tomorrow and pay the first of the month bills.

New contract looks promising, yesterday I did nothing but free 5-10 minute sessions and talked with patients. I stayed busy and had several people looking to book appointments for next week.

Need to dig through my computer box and see if I can find my photoshop and quicken for windoz, for the office computer.

All-in-all everything is good. Last year ended up a prosperous year for me, even though I ended up with a final tally not much higher than the previous years, but it was higher. This year, need to increase that.

I am positive!!!!! Oh yeah, and I managed to sneak around the fear that is laundry at the doc’s office, got mine done and started on the office laundry. We’ll see how that progresses further into the week.

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