Day: February 25, 2010

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Some Scorpios bring out the worst in people. Other Scorpios draw out the best. Then there are those members of your tribe who sometimes bring out the worst in their fellow humans and other times bring out the best. Where do you fit in this spectrum? Regardless of your position up until now, I’m betting that in the coming months you’ll be moving in the direction of bringing out more of the best. And it all begins now. To get the process underway, think of five people you care about, and visualize the wonderful futures that it might be possible for them to create for themselves.

FreeWill Astrology

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Right now, I’m willing to say I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m too fucking stressed to care about the best/worst in others. In fact, I have a few choice words for a few to help them in deciding which direction I’m going with them. Normally, I’m willing to say I bring out the best, because I do encourage people to make changes they think are needed, or give them the cheer to keep them going.

With that in mind, Chase bank can kiss my shiny white German-Irish ass. They have no concept of communication, and I’ve been going through this process for over 2 weeks now, and the other night – yes night – they FINALLY update me, saying they either need more gift money or I need to file my taxes. Yep, file my taxes, give up the $6k-ish credit for buying said house, and kiss the expansion of my business good-bye. I said no. I told them I was willing to get paperwork to them from my Accountant to show what was being filed for 2009, but I would not authorize the filing until the purchase is over. Nor would I give them $20k as a down payment on a $67,500 (edit: just got an email, $18k down payment, they didn’t ask for paperwork from my accountant). So, I’m stressing, big time. The nice thing, is that I’ve restarted the process with another bank, they’re talking with my accountant, they’re communicating with me on a daily basis and not giving me half stories. But still, I’m having panic attacks. Too much crap going on and too much room for shit to hit the fan. I need a vacation, but I can’t leave because I close on the 12th, then I have to do the renovations. The good thing, is my parents are coming to help me move and renovate, my designer kicks ass and is going over my ideas and pricing them out for me. The Italian Stallion is going to check out my HVAC and see if it can be fixed or how much it will be to be replaced. As soon as things are done, going to drag psychosu to Home Depot, whether she likes it or not, to pick out paint and vent back and forth on various crap we’re dealing with, and get JudoFredy to take a look at the floors and see what we can do, and go shopping for those. *sigh* I need to break someone.