Day: May 29, 2009

Back at the cafe, for an extended lunch. The relaxation aspect of life is starting to kick back in, and I’m ending up more productive as a result. Yesterday I skipped training, opted to sleep in a little bit (even though I was ready to leave the house on time). Instead, chose to finally get the underwear through the wash and clean up around the house. Finally starting to tackle the dining room corner o’Doom, in prep to have the floor cleaners come in and finally de-scent it. I’ve cleaned my closets so there are no storage units under my bed. Next step is to clean out the drawers again, in prepping for the new bed and seeing if there’s a way to move the room around a bit – if that’s an option I want to pursue.

I’ve even started to dream again, that makes me very happy. This weekend is some friend-time, have dinner with the ET & co. tomorrow, then potluck with the goth crew. Sunday is undies shopping with teh Su and maybe dinner, we shall see.

Otherwise, just gonna relax for another 45 minutes before heading off to my client. Beautiful day. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.