1. Gotta admit, there’s some good and amusing points there…

    I still think that a McCain presidency would be a horrendous choice, and that Obama is a far superior choice, but that doesn’t invalidate any of the points this guy brings up. Both parties are full of shit and love to cherry-pick their talking points. That’s politics.

    The minimum wage point is the one that sticks in my head the most. Until yesterday, my wife was stuck working only at Barnes & Noble. She had gone there in the hopes of getting full time hours and thus getting their very inexpensive health insurance. She even took hours at the cafe section to allow her more flexibility in getting more hours. They wound up giving her (and I suspect everyone else) LESS hours, after bringing a couple of full-timers in from another store that presumably hadn’t been doing enough business to afford them. So, in this case, raising the required wages would just mean fewer hours for the workers as a whole, as there’s no way the execs are going to decrease their own income to pay more people to work, PARTICULARLY if sales aren’t keeping up with expenses. An example of the nasty side of trickle-down economics.

    I wish either side of the partisan fence had a reasonable solution to these problems. I understand the conservative fears of increased taxes and a desire to reduce spending. I agree with that (though I tend to think that our lopsided defense spending should be the first to get some cuts, partly by getting us the hell out of Iraq). I’m also so cynical that I believe that the wealthiest citizens will pocket any tax cuts and pass on any tax increases to their employees: that’s the nature of greed. Trickle-down economics has elements of truth, but it’s extremely flawed as well. Frankly, I think we’re all screwed economically, whether it’s Democratic tax-and-spend policies or Republican spend-on-credit policies (which seems even more irresponsible to me). Both parties will spend like mad (there are no true fiscal conservatives left, apparently), but I think the Dems will at least attempt fiscal responsibility in their idealism.

    So, knowing that we’re screwed domestically one way or another, I am preferring the candidate with greater foreign policy/diplomatic strengths. Anyone who thinks Obama is WEAKER in that regard is mad. McCain is too temperamental and following too closely with his party’s saber-rattling. That tactic has failed so spectacularly with W that to continue that trend would be mind-boggling stupidity. I do believe McCain would be a better president than Bush, but so would a monkey who’d been hit in the head with a brick. From the perspective of international relations (and potentially getting us the hell out of Iraq, thereby hopefully reducing our insane deficit spending), I do feel Obama is the better choice.

    Granted, the other Dems? Bleah. Not terribly thrilled about Biden either, but better that than Hillary.


    1. Re: Gotta admit, there’s some good and amusing points there…

      Obama has the Clinton effect when it comes to international politics. He’s liked, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to do what he needs to do to protect our interests abroad. Particularly when it comes to his desire to meet in the middle. While that’s good in some cases, it’s not so good in others, and I’ve yet to see an example in his past where he picks a stance and holds to it and makes someone come to him. Giving up too much ground can be a detriment on the grander scale. Not so much in local politics. Especially in the global state that we are now. I don’t think he could stand up to Putin in the manner that guy needs to be smacked down.

      I agree with you, on the min wage issue. I also don’t think it should be a federal issue, unless the feds are going to kick-in stipends specifically for meeting payroll. It should be based on the local economies. The idea of trickle down economics is based on the goodwill of those at the top (who, unfortunately, don’t always have goodwill in them). But, I don’t think putting more taxes on them will help them out, or their employees out either. The main companies that McCain’s tax breaks are going to help are the smaller companies. My boss still hasn’t paid our taxes, because we can barely make payroll every month, at this point. I’m paying out the wazoo for my own company’s taxes and behind by at least a month, every quarter. Yeah, I get it back at the end of the fiscal year, but that only goes to pay off my first quarter taxes. *shrugs* And I’m at the point where I might have to take on an employee, definitely can’t afford to do that.


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