It’s been nice, the library section of the apartment is coming along nicely and it’s starting to look more like someone lives there.  My Scotsman and I are moving the bed tomorrow, so I can stop sleeping on the couch.  My habits are not coming along as fast as I’d like.  They’ve been derailed by season catch-ups of Lost, the move, visiting the parents and other schedule issues.  The positive, I’m taking better care of myself, except for eating.  I have gotten a nice break from training and I’m at the point where I can start to work back into it (once I get that whole “waking up in the morning” thing back on track).  I’ve also figured out one minor glitch in my personality.  I’ve lost the ability to make necessary decisions and stick with them.  I spent the better part of a massage on Tuesday, going over whether or not I was going to make a Target trip that night, or the next morning, and if so, to which Target I was going to go.  I did the same thing earlier in the day, with Whole Foods.  So, now that I had succeeded in getting to Target that night, I have two dry erase boards.  The one on my bathroom mirror states:  “Today, I will not flip flop.  I will make a decision and I will follow through.”  Or, something to that effect.  So that is going to be personality habit #1 that I need to change.  

I already have the kitchen habits set, so I’m good to go there.  My eating habits I’m trying to improve on, as with the change in temperature, it takes longer for my stomach to be ready to eat.  Which means, I’ve been having smaller breakfasts and getting hungry faster at work (my stomach is currently growling, and I have another 1.5 hours before lunch).  And that brings me to another issue…..snacks.  I have them at my house, but they never manage to make it with me to work.  Must change that, ASAP.

Think once I have the bulk of the apartment set-up, and I can get my sleeping schedule back on track, I’ll be in a much better spot to start implementing my other habits.  As I told a trainer who was trying to schedule an early appointment with me…that will be fine, once I can get into the habit of waking up at 7.30 again, instead of 10.  My body has just been exhausted, and since I only have 2 more episodes of Lost left, I won’t be going ape-shit about trying to watch half a season after 8.30PM.  😀

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