So, I’m back down to my minimum, and probably won’t afford to be able to compete tomorrow.  This sucks.  I haven’t received the last of my last paycheck, and this next one isn’t all that pretty either.  :/  I’ve sent off a request to a job offer, and we’ll see how that pans out, hopefully beneficial to both the Club and to me.

Spent a good bit talking to my ET about moving to Cali, and hopefully, that will result in the plans for staying in the LA area and not up in San Fran.  I’m feeling a bit torn right now, as I’m excited about the possibilities, but depressed that I’m iffy on doing what I want for my b-day.  On the positive side, I picked up 3 more clients today, even though I wanted to leave early.  But that does give me extra money on this paycheck, so I take my benefits where they appear.  Just wish I could get that last bit, unless it’s going to be on this paycheck.  Which, if it is, problems solved.  However, it also means no training next week.  :/

I want to sleep.  I’m too tired and I my body is saying “You’d better sleep!!!!”

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