Made some revelations last night, in regards to my massage approach. I’ve been reading a book on Tantra, by Georg Feuerstein and a few things in there have been quite helpful to what I’m looking for. For the past year, I’ve been at sort of an impasse, and the little tidbits pulled me right back in and spurred some new ideas. The only thing I’m working through right now, is the association of the cauldrons to the different parts of the body that they might influence and control. The next step, is to start the work on myself, in regards to the cauldrons. I just need to figure out how I want to start that work and how it should manifest.


  1. The Ceile de use a three cauldron meditation, almost as a type of chakra. Starts as a root chakra cauldron, then heart, then head. First the root chakra cauldron fills, then “fountains up” to the smaller heart chakra, it fills, then up the even smaller upper head chakra cauldron.


    1. Erynn has something that she’s done, I’m going back through her work right now. My impasse with the meditation is learning to sense each of the cauldrons and realize where they are and how they’re rotated/filled. I’ll see if I can work with that idea as well and see which one works better. 🙂 Thanks!


      1. oh yeah! they rotate, too, first they face down, then turn up as they are filled. It’s been a year since the workshop so I don’t remember it all. Good luck and post what you find!


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