I have yet to utilise all the gift cards my mum sent me, except my REI one. I have suitable daily clothes for the Scandinavian Invasion, that will wash quickly, along with a new sleeping bag for camping in Norway. I might go blow my Borders gift card tonight, went skimming through their site, but didn’t feel like wasting money on shipping costs, so I’ll just have them order it at the store. Last things to snag are more socks to replace all the ones I’m throwing out. I guess after 10 years, even target socks die. The last couple of days have been wunderbar roommate time. It was nice to spend some time with my Scotsman, and I mean quality time. We are slowly planning this next weekend. And with that, my favourite conversation bit of the weekend….

Montieth: “I got you some new rubber for Christmas.”
Me: “You got me new tires for my bike?!?!?”
Montieth with a stunned look on his face: “I didn’t think you would have guessed that.” Me: “Well, we’re not together anymore, so why would you buy me clothes?”
Montieth: “Good point.”

So now, I can start working on my bike and get it ready for trail riding. 🙂

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