I hate financial angst. It’s one reason why I’ve never been about killing myself or compromising myself to earn money. But at the same time, I also don’t like living paycheck to paycheck. This year started off well, but my fomer boss fucked things up so nicely, that business down-turned and hasn’t recovered. And I had to suck up my ego and ask my mum to save me. Fingers crossed that I play my cards right and pay off my training loan, which will be one less thing a month I have to pay for, with a bit left over to pay down my car loan. And this all wouldn’t be an issue had my bank not paid out the $400 and $200 checks that I cancelled. Haven’t recovered from that, at all. Was well on my way till my bank put a wall in front of me.

Least business is picking up again. I will be happy when the new year starts, and I can finish up all the stuff I need for my office. Been window shopping to replace everything that is currently there, with my own stuff, so I can dump it on my former boss’ desk. One thing at a time. Just need to get over this slump. Doesn’t help that my sinus’ are going haywire.

Yes, I need to go hiking. And on that note, something positive – my mum just let me know I have an REI gift card coming. Which means hiking shoes and at least one new pair of pants.

Also, I found a new geek bag I want, anyone up for going with me to tell me what colour it is? I think it’s purple, but it’s one of those shades that could just as easily be blue.


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